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Welcome to Enchanted Existence

A magical realm of self discovery, transformation, and holistic wellbeing

Hi There! 

I'm Shannon, the heart and soul behind Enchanted Existence.

My Philosophy

At the core of Enchanted Existence is a belief that wellness is a deeply personal journey of discovery, awakening, and transformation. All of my offerings are tailored to your unique needs and goals. My definition of wellbeing is not just healthy in the physical sense but also rich in happiness, love, and spiritual connection. To me, living in alignment with your deepest truth is just as important to your overall wellbeing as a healthy diet or proper sleep. An "Enchanted Existence" includes physical vitality, mental balance, and spiritual fulfillment. I've experienced firsthand how the synergy of Human Design and Ayurveda can achieve this. It's my joy and privilege to guide you through the enchanting journey of discovering your true self and what a happy, healthy existence means for you.

My journey into the realm of holistic wellbeing began from a place of physical depletion and crippling anxiety. Conventional methods of achieving health and happiness fell short of providing the deep fulfillment and balance I yearned for. Ayurveda was the first system of medicine that resonated with my entire being and gave me the transformative results I was looking for. My journey with Ayurveda taught me the importance of living in harmony with natural rhythms and recognizing the unique needs of each individual. However, it wasn't until my discovery of Human Design that I was awakened to my power, purpose, and potential. 

Join me!


I invite you to explore what Enchanted Existence has to offer. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive wellness plan, a structured journey of self discovery, or insight into a pressing question, I'm here to light the way. All of my services are designed to meet you where you are on your path to wellbeing. If you are new to both these modalities, or seeking to deepen your current understanding, I offer compassion, expertise, and a personalized touch. Let's uncover the magic of your existence together. 

I quickly realized that the wisdom from both of these modalities could be woven into a comprehensive tapestry of wellbeing. I created a unique approach to wellness that integrates the empowering self knowledge of Human Design and the nurturing guidance of Ayurveda. This fusion enriched and transformed my life in a way that felt magical and surreal. Thus, "Enchanted Existence" was born, along with my mission:  To illuminate one's unique path to holistic wellbeing.

What started as a personal quest for understanding myself and the world has evolved into my life's work. I envision a conscious, healthy lifestyle that values growth and authenticity, and I hope to inspire and guide you to embody this magical way of being. Currently, I am a yogini, student, and dancer residing in the majestic land of Denver, Colorado. 

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More about me

My Dharma

I consider myself an embodied feminine leader in the new paradigm of wellness that honors individual needs and goals. I call myself an Enchantress, because my sacred purpose is to illuminate the beauty and radiance of the human experience. I do this by helping others see themselves and the world for what it truly is - Magical and Enchanted.

My expertise

A mystic at heart, I have and always will be exploring the sacred mysteries and secrets of existence. I am a certified Human Design Reader, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, and Yoga Instructor.  I'm a graduate student at Maharishi International University, pursuing my Masters Degree in Consciousness and Human Potential, a program that synthesizes the eastern view of consciousness (Vedic Science, Yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, etc) and the western view of consciousness (Physiology and Quantum Physics). All of my studies have enlightened me deeply in the realms of wellness and self-awareness. 


While my certifications are an important part of my ability to guide others with genuine expertise, I also must give credit to the time I've spent in silence and reflection. I've been on a long journey of deep inner work, removing the dense layers of societal conditioning holding me back from my true potential. I'm passionate about synthesizing and sharing the sacred knowledge and tools that have transformed my own existence.

Fun Facts

  • My Human Design: I'm a 6/2 Splenic Projector

  • I'm a professional dancer and model. These are my creative outlets of radical self expression

  • I have a Media Arts degree. I enjoy graphic design and editing video.

  • I'm passionate about fitness and building a strong, flexible body.

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I hope to connect with you soon.

Stay Juicy, 




Thank You For Joining The Majick!

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