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Custom Illumination Sessions

The Custom Illumination Sessions are a unique offering designed to shine a light on any pressing questions or goals in your life craving clarity and transformation. In these personalized, focused sessions, we delve into your specific question or goal, utilizing Human Design, Ayurveda (one or both depending on the question). Whether you are seeking guidance in the realm of wellness, self-awareness, or spirituality, these sessions can illuminate your path, one insight at a time. 

Illumination sessions can also be booked for basic Human Design Readings.
 What questions can I ask?

To ensure that your Custom Illumination Session is as impactful and enriching as possible, I've outlined a few guidelines.

​I welcome all questions that are aligned with personal growth, decision making, wellness, and spiritual exploration. This allows me to leverage my expertise in Human Design and Ayurveda most effectively. If I am not able to answer your question, I will refund your $50 and send you resources or mentors who may be a better fit.

I suggest framing your questions in a way that invites deep insight, rather than seeking predictive yes / no answers. Questions that start with what, where, when, why, or how ensure the most beneficial outcome. 

The more focused and specific your question is, the more I am able to guide you towards profound discovery and actionable wisdom. A focused question acts as a beam of light, cutting through the fog to illuminate your path ahead with precision and clarity. Hint: What matters most to you right now?
Don't worry about thinking of the perfect question. The intake form allows you to explain your goal or challenge. In fact, I encourage you to provide as much detail as possible. These guidelines are just to help you get the most out of your 30 minutes.

Unsure where you
need to direct your focus? 

Reflect on the questions and goals below and notice what sparks curiosity, resonates deeply, or feels most urgent in your life right now. Choose one for your session or let it inspire a different question or goal.



  • How can I uncover and maximize my core strengths?

  • I want to discover my life's true purpose and passionately pursue it.

  • What steps can I take to overcome self doubt & limiting beliefs?


  • How can I cultivate a deeper sense of presence and live more mindfully every day?

  • My goal is to integrate mindfulness practices into my daily routine for inner peace.

  • What can I do to calm my racing mind? I feel like I never stop thinking!


  • I'm seeking effective methods for managing anxiety and stress.

  • I'm a highly sensitive empath. How do I let go of what isn't mine?

  • How do I build resilience and find balance in my emotional life?


**IMPORTANT** These sessions cannot diagnose or treat disease. They can provide you with specific guidance around diet, exercise, sleep, and routines to for improved health and vitality.

  • I want to create a morning routine that helps me start my day feeling energized and focused.

  • What kinds of physical activity are best for my unique body constitution, lifestyle, and fitness goals?

  • I want to know more about how Ayurveda and Human Design can help me eat a diet that nourishes my unique body constitution and energy.


  • I want to learn how to make decisions that align with my highest Self.

  • In times of uncertainty, how can I find clarity and maintain my sense of inner stability?

  • How do I identify and let go of everything that does not serve me?



(1) session for 1 hour

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