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The Embodied Self Program

The Embodied Self Program is a personalized, self-discovery journey that combines an in-depth analysis of your Human Design chart with Ayurvedic wisdom and energy work. Both of these modalities teach that only your body and inner knowing knows what's right for you, rather than your mind or outside authorities. This program is a powerful and potent formula designed to awaken you to your body's wisdom that is always guiding you towards your highest expression and most juicy, fulfilling life. 

The program, which consists of 6 one on one sessions, can last anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. It's up to you.

  This program is for you if....
  • You are seeking a deeper understanding of your true self and your unique place in the world
  • You feel stuck or misaligned in your personal, professional, or spiritual life and are looking for a breakthrough
  • You've tried traditional methods of "self improvement" but haven't found something that deeply resonates with you
  • You're ready to embrace your uniqueness and live a life that feels genuinely fulfilling and purposeful
  • You're willing to invest in yourself and commit to a journey of self-discovery and personal growth
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A Summary of Each Session

SESSION 1: Discover your Design

  • Discover your Human Design Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile, laying the foundational stones for a journey back to your authentic self. This session is your first step towards living in alignment with your innate energies and making decisions that truly resonate with your core being. 

  • Receive a written overview, resources, and a recording of the session to help you integrate the knowledge.

SESSION 2: Awaken your Energy

  • Dive into the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom of the subtle essences and subdoshas. These are the nuanced forces that govern our body, mind, and spirit. Learn how imbalance of the subdoshas may be affecting your flow of energy and decision making. 

  • Receive recordings and / or written instructions of subtle energy work so you can practice regularly and feel results.

SESSION 3: Navigate the Not-Self

  • Dive into the depths of your defined and undefined Energy Centers of your Human Design bodygraph to uncover how they shape your experiences and influence your interactions with the world. Gain profound insights into your personal energy dynamics, learning which energies are yours and which energies are influenced by societal conditioning. Begin the powerful work of deconditioning and releasing limiting beliefs holding you back from your true potential. 

  • Receive a personalized energy center guidebook and a recording of the session.

SESSION 4: Integrate your Wounds

  • Explore and heal the masculine and feminine wounds within through the Ayurvedic lens of Shiva (the masculine principle) and Shakti (the feminine principle). By working with the dance of these primal forces, we can heal and integrate both aspects of ourselves, leading to a state of wholeness and unity.

  • Receive recordings and/or written instructions of the energy work and practices.

SESSION 5: Realize your Power

  • Unlock your magic within by learning your Incarnation cross, Channels, and Gates of your Design. These aspects of you give insight into your life's purpose and energetic gifts you are meant to share with the world. By understanding the shadow aspects of these energies you can step into your fullest expression and power. 

  • Receive an overview of your Incarnation cross, Channels, and Gates plus a recording of the session.

SESSION 6: Embody your Truth

  • Learn and practice Ayurvedic and Tantric techniques that cultivate self-love and extend compassion to others. Embrace and express unconditional love, fostering deep, meaningful connections and a heartfelt appreciation for the beauty in yourself and all of existence. 

  • Receive recordings and/ or written instructions of the practices.

A note


This program is more than just a series of sessions; it's a pathway I've lovingly curated with the intention of guiding you toward deep fulfillment and wellbeing. My spiritual journey has taught me the incredible power of self-awareness, authenticity, and living in harmony with my inner truth. These are the gifts I want to share with you.

Each step of this program reflects my

heartfelt belief in the potential of every

individual to  lead an Enchanted Existence.

I understand the courage it takes to embark

on such a journey, which is why I'm

committed to creating a supportive,

nurturing space for you to explore,

grow, and transform. It is my honor

and privilege to share this sacred

wisdom with you and witness

the unfolding of your

most authentic and

vibrant self.




Includes all six sessions for 1.5 hours each

Sessions can be booked in the span of 3 months to 1 year.


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