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Integrative Wellness 

Dive into a journey of holistic transformation with an Integrative Wellness Consultation, blending the ancient healing system of Ayurveda and the revolutionary self-knowledge of Human Design. Receive personalized wellness plans that resonate with your unique body constitution, energy blueprint, and personal needs and goals.

   This service is for you if...
  • You are feeling stuck or unsatisfied with conventional health advice and looking for a more personalized, holistic approach to wellbeing.
  • You are eager to understand how to align your diet, lifestyle and routines with your natural rhythms and energy blueprint.
  • You are interested in exploring spiritual growth and personal transformation as integral aspects of your health journey. 
  • You are ready to make meaningful changes but unsure where to start or what practices will be most impactful for you.

Areas of Guidance





Nutrition, eating habits, digestive wellbeing, supportive herbs and spices

Routines and herbs for restful sleep, Sleeping patterns that align with your lifestyle and energy

Movement and physical activity that aligns with your body's constitution, season, fitness goals, and lifestyle

Ayurvedic dinacharya (self care daily routine), Seasonal routines, Cleansing, Living in harmony with the natural rhythms of your body and nature



Living and making decisions aligned with your true nature, Properly using your vital/sexual/creative energy, Self expression

Stress management tools and practices, Relationship to Self, Emotional wellbeing, Social wellbeing


Self-knowledge and practices that help you align with your true nature and highest purpose


 Living and working in environments that nourish and support your unique energetic needs


A note

Embarking on a path of healing and wellness is a deeply personal decision that requires trust, openness, and a readiness to explore the depths of your being. I hold this awareness close to my heart and don't take the responsibility of being your wellness guide lightly. While I do share my expertise and knowledge, my goal is not to dictate your path, but rather guide you back to your own inner wisdom and personal truth. My approach is deeply intuitive, allowing me to connect with you and understand your unique needs and aspirations. I create a safe, nurturing space free of judgment, where you can explore, grow, and transform. I am passionately committed to guiding you in crafting your most enchanted existence, doing so with sacred intention, genuine care, and a deep respect for your individuality.





$175 for 1 hour and 30 minutes


$100 for 1 hour

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