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What is Human Design?

Human Design is deep and complex- like life. Still, if I had to sum up Human Design in one sentence, I would say-

~ Human Design is a New Paradigm System that awakens self-awareness and empowers self-trust ~

This is my individual reflection. Because of Human Design, I understand myself on a much deeper level and trust my own inner authority. This has allowed me to create a fulfilling life where I get to show up as my FULL self and share my unique gifts. This is the most incredible feeling in the world. Human Design has helped me transmute fear, doubt, and envy into profound levels of trust and love. While I am healing, learning and growing, Human Design illuminates my path, making it easier to navigate this crazy, beautiful experience called life. Human Design is also used for relationship dynamics, parenting, business strategies, and much more. However this sacred science and art is being used, it offers beauty, majick, and infinite love. I hope to embody these qualities in every reading and offering of Enchanted Existence.

Now, let’s get into some fun facts and meaningful details about Human Design:


Once upon a time (in 1987), Ra Uru hu heard “The Voice” from a higher plane of knowing and channeled the Human Design System during an 8 day meditation in Ibiza, Spain. This is similar to how a lot of sacred knowledge has entered our realm, such as Astrology and Yoga. Because Human Design is still so new and from such a high plane of knowing, it is requiring a lot of translation and translators to make sense in our 3D realm. Personally, I am attempting to translate Human Design into a delicious, energetic nectar to drink in – rather than a dull, confusing science made up of strange words (there’s a lot of this out there).

The Body Graph:

The Human Design chart, or Body Graph, is generated by your exact birth time and location. The elements of a chart are a synthesis of Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and the Vedic Chakra system. All of these elements combine to give you your unique energetic blueprint, or your Human Design. Here are some of the different elements of a chart and what they can tell you:

Energy Type: How your Aura interacts with the world around you

Strategy: How to minimize resistance in your life

Authority: How to make aligned decisions

Centers: How you transmit and receive energy

Profile: Your personality archetype

Definition: How you process information

Channels & Gates: Your energetic gifts

Cross of Incarnation: Who you’re here to be

And much more ~


The Purpose of Human Design is to help us evolve by increasing self-awareness. When you are living in alignment with your true nature and unique purpose, you are playing the role you are meant to play in the collective. Nature has proven that the healthiest ecosystems are diverse, with each unique organism doing its part to create a thriving whole. For example, in a rainforest every tree, bug, animal, and the rain has a unique and vital role to the survival of the ecosystem. It's the same with Humans and the whole planet. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to let outside authorities tell us how to act and live our lives, rather than listening to our own bodies wisdom. This results in an unhealthy planet and unhealthy, unfulfilled humans. Human Design teaches you how to become your own authority, reveals your true nature, and illuminates the energetic gifts you are here to share. It is literally "the science of differentiation". When you are living your unique Truth, you are healing and evolving yourself and the whole planet. You are living in alignment with Dharma (your highest purpose), which is the real path to fulfillment and happiness.

A New Paradigm System:

You don’t need Human Design to live your Truth. But if you are disconnected from your Truth, or wanting to deepen your self-awareness, Human Design can remind you of who you are. Many of us have lost ourselves due to deep conditioning and limiting beliefs. If you are attracted to Human Design, then your soul is telling you it has something to offer you. Human Design teaches you how to take control of your own energy and life. External authorities are fading away as we are shifting into a New Paradigm. Human Design is an external system itself, however, it is a system that encourages self-trust and experimentation. It is considered a New Paradigm System. For myself and many others, Human Design has been a catalyst for transformation. I have witnessed my own self-esteem sky rocket since following my strategy. I have experienced a huge difference in my physical and mental health since following my inner authority. Resistance and doubt have been replaced with flow and clarity. I believe this system to be useful and true with every cell of my being. It has entered our realm at a time of great need (for self-awareness) and rapid transformation / evolution.

Human Design Reading:

As a Human Design Reader, my job is to guide you back to yourself. A Human Design Reading illuminates the incredible uniqueness and gifts you (already) have to offer the world. A reading empowers you with self-knowledge, but the real transformation happens from integrating and living your Design. When you follow your strategy, authority, and really honor your truth, you will transcend limitations holding you back from your highest expression. At the same time, you will make space to attract the right people, opportunities, and resources to live the juicy, fulfilling life you were meant to live. Whether you decide to book a reading with myself or someone else, make sure you resonate with the reader and their message. If a reading doesn't feel right at this time, trust that! I would never say that everyone needs a Human Design Reading, or that this system is better than any other. It is one of many systems and paths that accelerates evolution and awakens self-awareness. Allow your soul to guide you to the knowledge, resources, and mentors that light you up and empower you the most. For myself, I have found that Human Design compliments and enriches every other system of knowledge and philosophy that I have studied.

The jist:

You are an AMAZING, MAJICKAL, BEAUTIFUL Being who is here on this planet with a purpose. The sacred knowledge of Human Design guides you towards aligned action and deeper self-love. When you are aligned with your Truth, you inspire everyone you touch to do the same. This is how we heal the planet and evolve into a New Paradigm where individual truth and expression are honored and celebrated.

I offer my 🙏GRATITUDE 🙏to the Human Design System, Ra Uru Hu, The Voice, and the Truth that it offers our planet at this time of great need. May it illuminate the path to self-realization of everyone that it touches.

Stay Juicy,



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